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Monday, June 11

The 'Secret' is out!



It's been a trend recently for Brides to have a boudoir type photoshoot in secret and create an album to present to their new husbands when they jet off to their honeymoon. This has been written about in countless newspapers and magazines across the US. But it's really taken off here in the UK!

I have to mention the Regeti's, as being the Godfather and Godmother of the current trend. Their Marathons in the US have taken Boudoir to a whole new level of gorgeousness. I have always loved vintage pin-up style art, so combined with the current 'Boudoir' trend, I felt inspired to create this service for my own brides and their friends. So the 'Secret' started to hatch.

I mentioned the idea to two of my lovely brides, and they were excited to be the first to be treated to a Secret Shoot. The idea is to use a romantic setting, in a beautiful boutique hotel, and create editorial style images, using natural light. It was great fun for all of us, and the results were absolutely stunning!

Here is one of the slideshows from the first 'Secrets' shoot :)

The lovely Lisa was so excited about it, she posted it on Hitched, and as a result, I am scheduling more Secret Shoots for the summer and autumn. Dates to be announced, and I will be giving first choice to those who's names I already have.

We also are launching the Secrets site, which David has worked really hard on for me :)

I will add a few single images later, and some of the other gorgeous bride, but at the moment, her images need to remain 'Secret' ;)

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