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Monday, August 10

Wedding Photography in Dorset at Up Cerne Manor House, Charlie and Hay Ming

What an amazing day we had with Charlie and Hay Ming! We started the day at Charlie's parent's cottage, which has the warmest feeling about it. Every time we visit there, I feel like it's walking into a 'hug', it's just got that kind of feeling about it. But that could also be because Linda (Charlie's mum) and Charlie are such warm people, that I get that feeling when I am around them.

Often, we are asked if we have photographed certain venues. While it can be nice to have photographed at a venue, prior to a wedding, it's not essential since we are able to work out very quickly what we need to do in order to capture the wedding day, with the time constraints, lighting issues, and layout of the venue. A wonderful example of how we have to be able to photograph a wedding day, regardless if we have been at the venue before is the wedding day of Charlie and Hay Ming.

Charlie and Hay Ming's wedding ceremony was at Holy Trinity Church in Dorchester, with the ceremony conducted by Father John Rice. The reception was to be at a privately owned Dorset Manor House called Up Cerne Manor. Because it is a private home, it was not possible to visit it before the wedding day. So it was a surprise how amazing it was, and presented some exciting options for us. So while it's good to get to visit a venue before the day, when that isn't an option, I like to think that we rise to the occasion with style, and finesse.

Charlie and Hay Ming personalized the manor with framed wedding images of their parents, and other close family members. It was a lovely touch. One image of Charlie's parents wedding, where they had their little westie dog in the photo with them was a big favorite. We tried to duplicate that shot with Charlie and Hay Ming's dog, which resulted in alot of fun, lol.

What can we say about Charlie's gown and veil, there aren't enough words. Designed by Elie Saab, both gown and veil could have been made just for Charlie, she made them both look stunning. When we got to Upcerne Manor, and we saw the grand staircase there, (which Linda had been telling us was awesome and she was right!), we knew that we had to take advantage of it for some dramatic shots.

The day ended in fireworks, and cigars all round, which Hay Ming insisted David enjoy a cigar with him,, an offer David couldn't refuse. :)

It was one of the most fun, joyeous weddings we have ever been part of. Charlie and Hay Ming made us feel like part of their families, and I can't say enough how much David and I loved being part of the day.

Amazing wedding cake by Lisa Notley our favourite wedding cake lady :)

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  1. What a sweet wedding, Teri. Well done!

  2. Anonymous8:05 pm

    WOW when she's standing on the stairs with her Vail..WOW amazing my favorite!

  3. Gorgeous work, hope the bride and groom are as impressed as we are. Congratulations!


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