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Monday, September 6

Athelhampton Wedding with Poole Guildhall Ceremony, Steph and Giles

I love the kind of mornings when I wake up and see a bit of blue sky peeking through my lace curtains. It's especially wonderful when it's a wedding day. So I was really happy to have one of those mornings on the day of Stephanie and Giles's wedding day, it meant beautiful weather for one of the sweetest couples we have ever met. It meant also we would get to use the many areas around their stunning wedding reception venue of Athelhampton House.

We started the day at Stephanie's parents house, where Steph and her bridesmaids were getting ready. David headed off to spend time with Giles and the guys. As usual, I went around to check for little things that I thought would have a lot of meaning to Steph. I noticed a little hankie on the bed, Steph explained to me that she embroidered her name on it when she was a little girl. Of course in blue, just perfect for her wedding day. I loved that and feel it's so special to include such sweet things on the day and in the wedding photographs. Then Steph showed me where her dress was hanging and the very clever contraption her father made to store it in, I had to laugh, it was just brilliant!

Steph's dress was a stunning Priscilla of Boston Wedding Dress, it needed it's own room! One of our top tips for a great wedding day is to include things which are personal and individual to you; Steph had the very clever idea of having pockets sewn into her wedding dress, what a wonderful idea and we are starting to hear more about wedding dresses with pockets so I think Steph has started something of a revolution :) It was great fun being with Steph and getting to know the family and bridesmaids before we all set off for the wedding ceremony at the Guildhall in Poole where Giles would be waiting.

There are wedding cars and there are wedding cars. When I saw the car Steph's dad had arranged it was just adorable, a vintage 1961 Morris Minor convertible in light sage green, my only concern was that Steph's dress was bigger than the car! After lots of giggles, Steph and her dad climbed in and we were off!

I love weddings at the Guildhall in Poole because of how beautiful the room is, the quality of light that bounces around it. It seemed especially effervescent for Steph and Giles's wedding. Or maybe it is Steph and Giles that made it so. Either way, it was a touching, a beautiful ceremony, which featured a reading by her lovely mum.

After the ceremony, it was time to head to the reception at Athelhampton House, one of our favourite Dorset Wedding Venues. Laura and the team at Athelhampton always create such a warm and inviting environment for their couples and this wedding was no exception. I can't praise them enough. David and I arrived first, with Steph and Giles a close second, which was perfect as it meant we could have a bit of extra time for photos of the two of them around the house and gardens. The gardens for Athelhampton House Weddings never cease to inspire, they are truly stunning at all times of the year.

As we met up with the gathering of family and guests who had arrived while we were exploring the gardens, Steph and Giles were greeted with champers and their requested special treat of pineapple and cheese. We always say that it's the people who really make weddings so special, seeing the love and friendships that all come together to celebrate the start of a new family. It was very touching to see Steph and Giles being surrounded by that love, as their guests expressed their joy for them.

As wonderful as the day started, it continued into the evening, with lots of lovely speeches, dancing, and hugs. It was truly a special day. Thank you to Steph and Giles for allowing David and I to be part of your wedding day. We loved being there, and hope that as you look back at the images we captured, it always brings that lovely sunshine filled day back to you. It was epic :) Much love and happiness for the future to you both!

Quick shout out to Jenny of Miss Ingredient for her amazing cake creation, we didn't include too many images of the cake below but it was stunning and a work of art Miss Ingredient :)

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David's picture of Giles looking very stylish in the morning is made even more memorable because of the stuffed fish :)
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Steph's wedding dress complete with pockets :)
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Yes there is a good reason (and a great story) for the 1970's style nibbles!
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  1. Lovely shots guys.

  2. Wonderful photos Teri & David! I love your bride's dress & hair, it looks so good on her and you captured her and her groom wonderfully!!!

  3. Anonymous4:48 am

    I was trying to keep track of my favorites to comment on, but there are just too many stunning images! Fantastic collection.

  4. Oh my goodness is this wedding stunning! The bridal gown shot is incredible!


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