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Saturday, May 16

Bournemouth Church Wedding Reception at Royal Bath Hotel, Sherri-Louise and Geoff

Sherri-Louise and Geoffs Bournemouth Wedding with reception at the beautiful Royal Bath Hotel above Bournemouth Beach was a pleasure to photograph. The ceremony took place at a church just around the corner from Sherri-Louises parents house at Moordown St Johns, the church there has the most amazing light coming in from a large ornate window at the back of the church.

We knew Sherri-Louise and Geoff wanted to use Bournemouth Beach for the wedding photos so not long after arriving at the hotel we nipped down to the beach for the romantic alone shots.

Teri and I love photographing weddings at the Royal Bath Hotel, the hotel has very high ceilings in the classic style of a grand Victorian hotel. We made use of the entrance hall with it's central chandelier for some cool inside shots before the couple went in for the evening reception in the grand ballroom.

Congratulations!! :)

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