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Monday, September 28

Dorset Wedding Photography Compton Acres, Nicky and Dan

Nicky and Dan's wedding at Compton Acres Italian Villa was our second visit to this stunning venue in 2009 and Teri and I are already booked to photograph at the Dorset wedding venue in 2010. As one of Compton Acres recommended photographers we have photographed there many times and it still remains one of our favourite wedding venues. The team at Compton Acres (Laura!) job and Beales catering always do a great job :)

In the morning Teri hooked up with Nicky getting ready at her parents and I met Dan and the guys at the New Beehive in Canford Cliffs (a pub that is within walking distance!). As always the Poole registrars were relaxed and the ceremony was one of the most relaxed and fun of the year. Just after the ceremony we sneaked Nicky and Dan into the Japanese Gardens for some quick romantic alone photographs. The requested group shots were taken as they fitted in with the day, great advantage to having the ceremony and reception at the same venue is you have total flexibility to fit in any photography as the day naturally unfolds.

We always say to couples, it's not just about picking a great venue, a great wedding is about the couple, their families and friends and the joy of sharing their wedding with them. Nicky and Dan's day was perfect, really lovely couple and a pleasure for Teri and I to be part of their day.

Many Congratulations Nicky and Dan!! :)

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Wednesday, April 15

Compton Acres Wedding Italian Villa, Tina and Dave

Tina and Dave's spring wedding at Compton Acres Italian Villa near Sandbanks in Dorset was the perfect day for a wedding, blue skys and warm but not hot. Guests had literally come from all over the world to be there and that is a special thing to be part of in itself.

The whole wedding day was relaxed and well paced. Dave rocked up to the wedding venue at Compton Acres a full 2 hours plus before the ceremony to make sure he wasn't late arriving! Most of the guests arrived via an iconic london bus and Tina and her father Malcom making their entrance courtesy of an old fashioned 7 seater convertible wedding car supplied by local Bournemouth company Barnes Wedding Cars.

One of the things we love about the Italian Villa near Sandbanks are the beautiful gardens, there's always something in bloom and no matter the time of year one or more of the formal gardens has colour and interest. The cherry blossoms were in bloom in the Japanese Gardens which made a perfect backdrop for the romantic wedding images with Tina and Dave.

The full wedding gallery will go online just as soon as we are able to get together with Tina and Dave after their honeymoon. Congratulations, have a wonderful time and thank you for letting Teri and I be part of your day :)

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Bridal Portrait Compton Acres

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First Dance at Compton Acres Wedding Venue

Saturday, March 21

Compton Acres Pre Wedding Photography, Tina and Dave

The first part of Dave and Tina's pre-wedding engagement session was at Compton Acres Italian Villa near Sandbanks. It was a good chance to look round and get their ideas on places within the wedding venue to use for their wedding in April this year.

We have photographed weddings at Dorset's Compton Acres many times and are one of their recommended wedding vendors so it's always a pleasure to visit there and photograph. The gardens and the flower borders at the Italian Villa are very well maintained, no matter what time of year there's always something in bloom and the venue always looks beautiful.

The second location we included as part of the engagement session was along the beach from Bournemouth, it's near to where Dave and Tina had their very first date and a special place for them.

The purple heather in the ornamental garden was in full bloom and made for a beautiful backdrop for some of the pre-wedding images, that was the image choosen by Dave and Tina for the signing image at their wedding reception.

Teri and I are looking forward to the wedding in April and hoping the cherry blossoms will be in full bloom for some of the more romantic wedding photographs!

Update: Tina and Dave's wedding photographs are now on the blog, click Wedding Photography at Compton Acres :)

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Compton Acres Portrait Italian Villa

Compton Acres Pre-Wedding

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Compton Acres Ornamental Gardens

Compton Acres Italian Gardens
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