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Friday, January 9

Dorset Wedding Photography Featured Magazine Cover

Happy New Year!!

Always nice to start off a brand new year with some lovely news. One of our Dorset wedding Photography images has made it on to the cover of Dorset and Hampshires Dream Wedding Magazine!

We wish all our past, present and future wedding couples an amazing 2015!!

Much Love,. T&D Xx

Dorset Wedding Photography

Friday, April 4

Christchurch Priory and Chewton Glen Weddings with Nicola and Craig

A real pleasure to be able to share Nicola and Craig's March wedding on the blog, such and amazing day in so many ways and a wonderful group of family and friends.

The start of the day saw David and I meet up with Nicola and Craig at Chewton Glen in the New Forest for getting ready images and prep before the wedding ceremony at the stunning Christchurch Priory. There were so many memorable parts to the day that it would be a long list to mention them all. The ceremony was brilliant, the staff at Chewton Glen did a wonderful job looking after everyone as usual and we were all treated to wonderful entertainment by the singing waiters (a total surprise for guests and very unique!).

One of the fun things for us was jumping into the buggies and venturing up to the treehouses where Nicola and Craig would be staying for the night of the wedding. We love to include things which are unique and personal to the couple and the locations and being able to include Nicola and Craig's treehouse was perfect for the romantic portraits.

We often get to work with other talented professionals and want to give shouts out to Melanie and the team at Bellissimo Weddings who helped plan so many of the amazing details. On the day Melanie made sure everything flowed seamlessly while Nicola and Craig and their wedding guests got on with enjoying the day. Working with videographers can often be an experience, often positive, Ben and Kate of Kissing Gate Films were not only very professional but warm, friendly and talented to boot, fully recommended. The flowers on the day and throughout the wedding breakfast room were remarkable and all the work of the team at Corbins Florist really a perfect compliment for the styling on the day :)

Weddings At Chewton Glen Hampshire

Chewton Glen Weddings 02

Chewton Glen Weddings 03

Chewton Glen Weddings 04

Chewton Glen Weddings 05

Wedding At Chewton Glen

Chewton Glen Weddings 07

Chewton Glen Weddings 08

Chewton Glen Weddings 09

Chewton Glen Weddings 10

Chewton Glen Weddings 11

Chewton Glen Weddings 12

Wedding At Christchurch Priory

Chewton Glen Weddings 14

Chewton Glen Weddings 15

Christchurch Priory Wedding Ceremony

Chewton Glen Weddings 17

Chewton Glen Weddings 18

Christchurch Priory Wedding

Christchurch Priory Weddings

Chewton Glen Weddings 21

Chewton Glen Weddings 22

Christchurch Priory Ceremonies For Wedding

Chewton Glen Weddings 24

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Chewton Glen Weddings 28

Chewton Glen Wedding Decoration

Chewton Glen Weddings 30

Chewton Glen Weddings 31

Chewton Glen Weddings 32

Chewton Glen Weddings 33

Chewton Glen Weddings 34

Chewton Glen Weddings 35

Chewton Glen Treehouses

Chewton Glen Treehouse Wedding

Chewton Glen Weddings 38

Chewton Glen Treehouses For Weddings

Treehouses For Chewton Glen Weddings

Chewton Glen Weddings 41

Chewton Glen Weddings 42

Chewton Glen Evening Weddings

Chewton Glen Weddings 44

Chewton Glen Weddings 45

Chewton Glen Wedding Evening

Tuesday, September 25

East Close Hotel Wedding in the New Forest, Akiko and Keith

There are so many weddings we need to get onto the blog (our facebook page seems to have been updated more often recently but the blog needs some love as well!)

We love all kinds of weddings (which is a good thing really!) and love it when couples put their own personal touches to their day. Akiko and Keith's Autumn wedding at the East Close Hotel in the beautiful New Forest was one which included many well thought out details that were very meaningful and personal to them and their families.

One of the personal touches was Akiko's traditional Japanese wedding Kimono, so much colour and fun to photograph, made all the more special because of her families connection as traditional dress makers in Japan. Special attention must be paid to Keith's waistcoat, the material for it's construction was his grandfathers Kimono, so very cool and a wonderful way to not only personalise wedding details but to include memories of loved ones and create new memories.

The East Close Hotel on the outskirts of the beautiful New Forest and we have had the pleasure of photographing there many times. Such a wonderful venue with elegant high ceiling ceremony room and beautiful natural light from the doors leading out to the patio area. We always love to use environment for wedding photography and the venue is almost another guest at the wedding and certainly will form part of the memories of the day. If you do get chance to visit the East Close Hotel do look out to the gardens and check out the largest copper beach tree in the New Forest, very beautiful.

Thank you Akiko and Keith for inviting Teri and I to be part of your wedding day, we felt honoured to be part of such a special day and even though neither Teri nor I speak Japanese it was obvious how much love there is for the both of you, many congratulations! :)

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