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Tuesday, June 26

Petition regarding Civil Ceremonies and Photography

To all my clients, please take a moment to read the purpose of this petition, and add your signature to it. I want to thank my friend Duncan Kerridge for taking this on as a personal mission. It's always frustrating for my couples when I am unable to cover the ceremony, when a registrar has banned photography from the ceremony. So hopefully this will bring to their attention that not only is there no actual law banning photography during a civil ceremony, there is no just reason for an individual registrar to take that away from the couple.

Quote from petition:

Coverage of civil wedding ceremonies by professional wedding photographers is currently not allowed in many parts of UK.

Where photography is allowed, it is often restricted to a few photos of the exchange of rings, and a setup photo of the signing of the marriage register.

Many couples opt to use a documentary photographer for their wedding, who takes photographs throughout the day, with little or no posing of the couple, aiming to record a story of the day.

The ban on photography during Civil Ceremonies leaves a gap in the coverage of the wedding, usually one of the most emotional and important parts of the day for the couple.

There is no law in the UK banning photography during these events, but instead it is left to the whim of the district or registrar presiding.

This petition is for the government to issue guidelines instructing all registrars offices to allow professional photography throughout ceremonies.

To view and sign the petition:

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Teri Murakami

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