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Wednesday, November 12

Travels With My Camera (Italy!)

Ahh,, they say that Italian is the language of love, it's not hard to see why once you've been to Italy and met the people there :)

I got to 'discover' Italy myself this past September as I tagged along with Zoe Richards to participate in photographing the wonderfully romantic destination wedding of Jules and Mick. As I get time I'll write a few blog entries covering the adventures Zoe and I had, as well as a few favorite images from Jules and Mick's pre wedding session in the glorious medieval hillside village of Castellabate on Friday and their wedding in the amazing Castellabate Castle on saturday.

So now for a few personal images from Italy. It's rare these days that I get time to shoot for fun, but it was hard to put my camera down. If you do plan to visit Italy, I highly recommend a visit to Castellabate. The views from the top of the hillside, where the Castle looms over Santa Maria, is absolutely breathtaking.


Italian Vineyards Vista

Castelabate Italy

Castellabate Italy Hill Village

Italian Vespa Scooter

Catholic Mural Italy

Castellabate Ruins Italy

Santamaria Italy Street Scene

Santamaria on the Mediterranean Coast

Italy Destination Wedding

Cobbled Street Italy Village

Santamaria Vista

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