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Thursday, March 5

Bournemouth Beach and Gardens, Pre-Wedding Sherri-Louise and Geoff

February is not everyones ideal time of year for a beach portrait session but that's what we did with Sherri-Louise and Geoff! Geoff proposed to Sherri-Louise near Swanage, in fact half way up the hill walking towards Old Harry Rocks! We knew we had to include Old Harry in the pre-wedding engagement session somehow :)

The session started off just across from Sandbanks near the Poole harbour chain ferry, that side of the harbour are sand dunes and one of our favourite places for beach photography sessions. Though much of the dunes are fenched off to protect them from erosion we found a section that was open to add a soft sea grass foreground with Old Harry Rocks behind.

The second location is also special to Sherri-Louise and Geoff, Bournemouth Gardens and Bournemouth Beach, after a quick game of Pooh Sticks (a tradition whenever they visit the gardens!) we made full use of the Chinese Lanterns they had up in the gardens to add some winter colour.

Teri and I are really looking forward to the wedding in April with wedding reception at the Royal Bath Hotel, Sherri-Louise and Geoff have requested wedding images on Bournemouth beach with the full wedding party! :)

UPDATE: Sherri-Louise and Geoff's Wedding photography at the Royal Bath and Bournemouth Beach :)

Old Harry Rocks Engagement

Romantic Beach Wedding

Sea Grass at the Beach Wedding Engagement

Pooh Sticks Bournemouth Gardens

Chinese Lanterns in Bournemouth Pleasure Gardens

Bournemouth Beach Pre Wedding


  1. Anonymous11:51 pm

    great pics guys

  2. Sorry, this might seem a little odd seeing I don't know you two, but I stumbled across these pictures when I was searching for pictures of bournemouth- I live in the area, and I know these places fairly well. Just wanted to tell you that these photos are beautiful :)

  3. Anonymous1:29 pm

    nice picture....

  4. Anonymous1:55 am

    nice moment...I want to do just like that..

  5. Anonymous4:11 pm



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