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Saturday, April 18

Beach Pre Wedding Session, Steph and Dean

We love using the natural environment and when Steph mentioned they'd like to have images that included the beaches around Bournemouth we suggested one of our favourite spots over by Sandbanks. The beach huts and sea grass work beautifully for vibrant lifestyle images and the pre-wedding portrait session.

On the day Steph wore a deep primary colour which in strong sunlight works brilliantly, Teri topped off their ensemble by suggesting a bright plastic windmill for fun shots of them together.

We all had a great time at the beach and on the way back to Bournemouth stopped off at another of our favourite places, Upton House and Country Estate, we love using the architecture there and the stucco plaster walls and columns give almost a Mediterranean feel despite being in Dorset!

Looking forward to see Steph and Dean soon for their summer wedding in the New Forest wedding venue of Careys Manor in July! :)

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Update: Steph and Dean's wedding images are now online New Forest Wedding Photos :)

Studland Beach Enagement Portrait

Studland Beach Windmill Dorset

Studland Beach Huts Pre Wedding

Beach Huts Near Swanage

Beach Windmill Pre Wedding Portrait

Beach Windmill Fun Image

Sea Grass Pre Wedding

Sea Grass Portrait Blue Sky

Beach Wedding Sea Grass

Bournemouth Beach Pre Wedding

Beach Pre Wedding Sea Grass

Bournemouth Beach Enagement Portrait

Upton House Country Wedding Dorset

Upton Part Pool Pre Wedding

Upton House Poole Pre Wedding

Contemporary Portrait Dorset

Comtemporary Portrait Images in Dorset

Upton House in Dorset


  1. Anonymous7:54 pm

    Aww was just looking at beaches and passed this site and have to say..these pictures are really sweet :)

  2. pinkchandelle6:07 am

    that very great photo :) love all the shoots

  3. i like this..very simple yet still beautiful.


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