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Sunday, May 17

The Repercussion Band Shoot, Dorset

Something slightly different!

We love photographing weddings in and around Dorset, Hampshire and the New Forest. Dan and Becky, of our wedding couples from last year asked if we would photograph their band, we thought it would be something a little different, it turned out to be very different..

Dan knows a local farmer and he was happy for us to photograph around his farm, farmer Alan and we came to know him was slightly bemused about us going into the cow field but not as bemused as the cows!

Teri sustained a cow related clothing incident but all in all everyone enjoyed the experience :)

Check out the bands music via their website The Repercussion

The Repercussion Dorset Band Photography

Music Photography Dorset Cows

Music Photography Dorset

Band Photos Bournemouth Dorset

Music Dorset Photography

Bournemouth Band Photos Dorset


  1. how did you manage to keep the cows so close??!

  2. Max was our secret weapon, the cows enjoyed licking him and he didn't seem to mind :)


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