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Monday, March 5

Spring Hampshire Engagement Photography, Sarah and Stewart

The weather this spring time has been, let's say changeable! That hasn't stopped us getting out in amongst the daffodils and even onto the beach.

Sarah and Stewart's Hampshire engagement photo session was very definitely a spring themed engagement session. Sarah had the wonderful idea to combine a country picnic as part of the shoot and allowed for some very natural moments. Well when I say natural I mean capturing real emotion with little or no direction and the umbrella in the tree was apt considering!

If you can photograph and the public walking by stop, smile and comment (in a nice way!) then you know you are half way to creating some really lovely photographs that are just a little different.

We love creative engagement photography and though we don't expect all couples to come up with themes it makes a fun session where everyone laughs, a lot!

Thanks to Sarah and Stew for spending time with us for your engagement images, we loved getting to know you guys and we love the images! :)

Daffodil Bouquet Spring

Christchurch Bandstand

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Spring Engagement Photography

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Hampshire Enagement Photography

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Picnic Themed Pre Wedding Photo

Romantic Engagment Photos Hampshire

Hampshire Engagement Photos

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Spring Engagement Photography Hampshire

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Themed Country Pre Wedding Engagement Session

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One of the reasons we love photographing toward evening time (both for weddings and engagement sessions) is the low sun, this time of day creates the most amazing natural warm lighting and with the right technique (not photoshop!) you can capture some really beautiful sun flare and back lighting. Almost magical the way the sun flits through the daffodil heads at their feet :)
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Beach Pre Wedding Photography Hampshire

Beach Engagement Photography

Shots of feet are not usually going to be the most important images from a session. They do have their own charm and when Sarah saw this image said "this captures us perfectly!". Stewart is a very keen cricket player and Sarah is often to be found supporting him through the summer months at cricket matches throughout Berkshire where they are based.
Beach Engagement Photos

Beach Engagement Photographs

Engagement Photography Hampshire

Hampshire Engagement Photography

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