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Monday, July 30

Featured Attraction! Jody and Daniel's slideshow

To follow up with Jody and Daniel's wedding in Wales, here is a little slideshow of the day. We got so lucky with the weather that weekend. We had planned to do a few images out on the beach, but previous to the wedding day, the wind was blowing gales, so it was uncertain if we would get the chance. But it all worked out beautifully. Fabulous couple, two fabulous families coming together, and a fabulous day.

Enjoy the slideshow :)


Wednesday, July 11

Daniel and Jody's Wedding, Wales

About to take a serious dive into Daniel and Jody's wedding day images, but here are a handful to get the juices flowing. I will do a more in depth report on the magical 07/07/07 wedding as I add new images to the blog and the Gallery.

But I just want to thank the families of both Daniel and Jody for making David and I feel so comfortable and welcome the entire weekend. I especially want to thank Daniel's mother, Helen for having us over for the lovely barbeque. It was great to meet everyone before the wedding. :)

Anyway, here are a few teaser images, alot more to come!

Teri and David

Charity and Mark, a Roman Style Trash the Dress!

David and I have just returned home from Wales, where in addition to being there to photograph Jody and Daniel's wedding, we met up with Charity and Mark for a fun session and tour of Southern Wales. The whole weekend was a blast, and I can't wait to finish work on the images. Here are a few from Charity and Mark, who by the way, are the best tour guides in Wales! Also, Mark knows where the best ice cream can be found, so that makes him a star in my book :)

A Roman Goddess and her guy ;)


Tuesday, June 26

Petition regarding Civil Ceremonies and Photography

To all my clients, please take a moment to read the purpose of this petition, and add your signature to it. I want to thank my friend Duncan Kerridge for taking this on as a personal mission. It's always frustrating for my couples when I am unable to cover the ceremony, when a registrar has banned photography from the ceremony. So hopefully this will bring to their attention that not only is there no actual law banning photography during a civil ceremony, there is no just reason for an individual registrar to take that away from the couple.

Quote from petition:

Coverage of civil wedding ceremonies by professional wedding photographers is currently not allowed in many parts of UK.

Where photography is allowed, it is often restricted to a few photos of the exchange of rings, and a setup photo of the signing of the marriage register.

Many couples opt to use a documentary photographer for their wedding, who takes photographs throughout the day, with little or no posing of the couple, aiming to record a story of the day.

The ban on photography during Civil Ceremonies leaves a gap in the coverage of the wedding, usually one of the most emotional and important parts of the day for the couple.

There is no law in the UK banning photography during these events, but instead it is left to the whim of the district or registrar presiding.

This petition is for the government to issue guidelines instructing all registrars offices to allow professional photography throughout ceremonies.

To view and sign the petition:

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Teri Murakami

Thursday, June 14

Jo and Rob

Netley Abbey provided a gorgeous setting for Jo and Rob's pre-wedding day shoot. We met up at their flat, and I did a make up trial with the beautiful Jo before we headed out :) Luckily for us the weather held up, and the rain didn't start until we were done with the shoot, yea!

I really enjoyed this shoot, even tho we had a furry intruder at one point, LOL.

Can't wait for the wedding on July 14th,, my first with men in kilts! Woo! :)

Monday, June 11

The 'Secret' is out!



It's been a trend recently for Brides to have a boudoir type photoshoot in secret and create an album to present to their new husbands when they jet off to their honeymoon. This has been written about in countless newspapers and magazines across the US. But it's really taken off here in the UK!

I have to mention the Regeti's, as being the Godfather and Godmother of the current trend. Their Marathons in the US have taken Boudoir to a whole new level of gorgeousness. I have always loved vintage pin-up style art, so combined with the current 'Boudoir' trend, I felt inspired to create this service for my own brides and their friends. So the 'Secret' started to hatch.

I mentioned the idea to two of my lovely brides, and they were excited to be the first to be treated to a Secret Shoot. The idea is to use a romantic setting, in a beautiful boutique hotel, and create editorial style images, using natural light. It was great fun for all of us, and the results were absolutely stunning!

Here is one of the slideshows from the first 'Secrets' shoot :)

The lovely Lisa was so excited about it, she posted it on Hitched, and as a result, I am scheduling more Secret Shoots for the summer and autumn. Dates to be announced, and I will be giving first choice to those who's names I already have.

We also are launching the Secrets site, which David has worked really hard on for me :)

I will add a few single images later, and some of the other gorgeous bride, but at the moment, her images need to remain 'Secret' ;)


Thursday, May 17

Jody and Daniel, Part 3, The Beach!

We finally got to have the day at the beach with Jody and Daniel. The weather was perfect, and the beach was deserted!

Jody and Daniel Engagement Session Part 2

After the excitement of the mini skatepark with the gorgeous graffiti wall, we decided to head somewhere that was the total opposite of the urban scene. So where else, but out to Hardy's Country. The bluebells were just at full bloom, something we had checked for the previous week :) So the timing couldn't have been more perfect.

After we left the bluebell wood, we were heading over to Kimmeridge, for the last part of the day's photoshoot. We saved the beach shoot for last, in order to take advantage of the warm light that happens just about an hour or so before the sunsets. We were all really excited to get these sunset images! I have to commend Jody and Daniel for their boundless energy!

However, on the motorway, we ran into car problems, and had to postpone the beach part of the shoot, until the next weekend. We did the beach shoot on this past Sunday, and I am thrilled to say that after a week of pouring rain, the Gods were looking out for us, and the day was incredible. Those images to follow!

David and Teri

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