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Wednesday, April 22

Lulworth Beach Pre Wedding Photography With Charlie and Hay Ming

Charlie and Hay Ming are based over near Dorchester and one of their favourite places is Lulworth Cove, we met up there for some fun beach images then on to the second location, a group of deserted houses near to Lulworth Castle.

The weather started off as bright sun and blue skies, the next moment it was hailing and we all beat a hasty retreat to the pub in Lulworth while the hail passed.

Looking forward to seeing Charlie and Hay Ming at the end of May, Wedding ceremony at Holy Trinity Church in Dorchester then on to an amazing private Dorset Manor House wedding venue near to the Cerne Giant, very cool, can't wait! :)

Update: Charlie and Hay Ming's wedding images are now on the blog Up Cerne Manor House Wedding :)

Lulworth Cove Pre Wedding Photos

Lulworth Cove Pre Wedding Photographs

Lulworth Cove Engagement Photo

Beach pre Wedding Image

Beach pre Wedding Photos

Lulworth Castle Wedding Photo

Lulworth Ruins Pre Wedding Photos

Pre Wedding Bride Photos

Pre Wedding

Spring Pre Wedding Photos

Spring Dorset Pre Wedding Photos

Spring Wedding Daffodil Photos

Ruins Pre Wedding Image

Wedding Photos Near Lulworth

Wedding Daffodils Arrangement

Romantic Pre Wedding Images

Update: Charlie and Hay Ming's wedding images are now on the blog Up Cerne Manor House Wedding :)

Monday, April 20

New Forest Wedding Encore Session with Claire and Darrell

Claire and Darrell were such fun on their wedding we asked if they would be interested in an Encore Post Wedding Session. One of the locations they suggested for the session was one of their (and our!) favourite places, The New Forest!

Other photographers, particularly in the US have variously called these sessions Trash the Dress (no really, though we could never imagine doing anything that would cause damage!) or Cherish The Dress or Romance The Dress.

Well to us it's not about the dress (trashing it or otherwise!). It's about creating some beautiful images that perhaps were not possible on the wedding day and having total fun with the photography. I'm sure if Claire and Darrell had their wedding ceremony within the New Forest we would have gone out for some forest wedding photographs!

Putting Claire on the Redwood tree stump was Darrells idea and it worked really well, to the extend that an older couple out for a walk in the forest came up and asked if we mind they take some pictures of Claire. If you can go out and create photographs that make people smile as they walk past it makes everyone smile.

Teri processed some of the images to make them look more unusual, on the day of the session we knew that Darrell's wellies and Claire wearing heavy boots under her beautiful pink wedding dress would make for some fun post wedding images. The first image below has a daguerreotype style treatment we (well me mostly!) have titled 'Russian Peasants' as it looks like they are returning from a hard day working in the fields :)

Claire and Darrell's wedding photographs are also on the blog, Wedding at Lillibrooke Manor

Thanks for Claire and Darrell for being so much fun, the session was a blast and we got to try out some new ideas, thanks guys! :)

Russian Peasants

Romance the Dress Hampshire

New Forest Wedding Photography

Fun New Forest Wedding

Trash The Dress Dorset

Pink Wedding Dress

Pink Ballerina

New Forest Post Wedding Photography

Forest Wedding Photography

New Forest Wedding

Saturday, April 18

Beach Pre Wedding Session, Steph and Dean

We love using the natural environment and when Steph mentioned they'd like to have images that included the beaches around Bournemouth we suggested one of our favourite spots over by Sandbanks. The beach huts and sea grass work beautifully for vibrant lifestyle images and the pre-wedding portrait session.

On the day Steph wore a deep primary colour which in strong sunlight works brilliantly, Teri topped off their ensemble by suggesting a bright plastic windmill for fun shots of them together.

We all had a great time at the beach and on the way back to Bournemouth stopped off at another of our favourite places, Upton House and Country Estate, we love using the architecture there and the stucco plaster walls and columns give almost a Mediterranean feel despite being in Dorset!

Looking forward to see Steph and Dean soon for their summer wedding in the New Forest wedding venue of Careys Manor in July! :)

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Update: Steph and Dean's wedding images are now online New Forest Wedding Photos :)

Studland Beach Enagement Portrait

Studland Beach Windmill Dorset

Studland Beach Huts Pre Wedding

Beach Huts Near Swanage

Beach Windmill Pre Wedding Portrait

Beach Windmill Fun Image

Sea Grass Pre Wedding

Sea Grass Portrait Blue Sky

Beach Wedding Sea Grass

Bournemouth Beach Pre Wedding

Beach Pre Wedding Sea Grass

Bournemouth Beach Enagement Portrait

Upton House Country Wedding Dorset

Upton Part Pool Pre Wedding

Upton House Poole Pre Wedding

Contemporary Portrait Dorset

Comtemporary Portrait Images in Dorset

Upton House in Dorset

Friday, April 17

Leanne and Marcus Engagement Session

We met up with Leanne and Marcus over at Christchurch Quay near the Bandstand and chatted about their wedding plans and what they are looking for from their wedding photography. The wedding is in June this year with the wedding ceremony at St Michael and All Angels in Hinton and the reception at the Burley Manor Hotel in the New Forest.

I think we overworked Leanne and Marcus, normally for the pre wedding engagement sessions we suggest to have 2 locations in mind and they normally run to about 3 hours maximum. More than that and it can get tiring, they both held up really well though as we flitted between Rhinefield's ornamental drive and Highcliffe castle and the beach at Highcliffe. We stopped along the way at St Michael and All Angels in Hinton to check out the church, really cute red brick church on the A35 as you head out from Christchurch towards Rhinefield House.

Teri and I know The Burley Manor at Burley but will go over about 2 weeks before the wedding and make sure it is how we remember it! We love the New Forest and feel very lucky to live so close to such a beautiful area of the country, so far this year we have five New Forest Weddings booked and already for next year we are on track to photograph more than five!

Look forward to seeing Leanne and Marcus in June! :)

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Update: Leanne and Marcus's wedding now blogged Burley Manor New Forest Wedding :)

Christchurch Quay Hampshire Pre Wedding

Christchurch Quay Bandstand Pre Wedding

Bandstand Wedding Christchurch Quay

New Forest Pre Wedding

New Forest Pre Wedding Portrait

New Forest Wedding Photography

Highcliffe Castle Beach Wedding

Highcliffe Castle Beach Pre Wedding

Beach Pre Wedding Photograph

Teri getting the perfect angle for her speciality shot of the couple in front of the stunning wooden castle doors at Highcliffe Castle :)

Highcliffe Castle Dorset

Highcliffe Castle Pre Wedding Image

Highclife Castle

Highcliffe Castle Engagement

Update: Leanne and Marcus's wedding now blogged Burley Manor New Forest Wedding :)
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