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Monday, July 30

Featured Attraction! Jody and Daniel's slideshow

To follow up with Jody and Daniel's wedding in Wales, here is a little slideshow of the day. We got so lucky with the weather that weekend. We had planned to do a few images out on the beach, but previous to the wedding day, the wind was blowing gales, so it was uncertain if we would get the chance. But it all worked out beautifully. Fabulous couple, two fabulous families coming together, and a fabulous day.

Enjoy the slideshow :)


Wednesday, July 11

Daniel and Jody's Wedding, Wales

About to take a serious dive into Daniel and Jody's wedding day images, but here are a handful to get the juices flowing. I will do a more in depth report on the magical 07/07/07 wedding as I add new images to the blog and the Gallery.

But I just want to thank the families of both Daniel and Jody for making David and I feel so comfortable and welcome the entire weekend. I especially want to thank Daniel's mother, Helen for having us over for the lovely barbeque. It was great to meet everyone before the wedding. :)

Anyway, here are a few teaser images, alot more to come!

Teri and David

Charity and Mark, a Roman Style Trash the Dress!

David and I have just returned home from Wales, where in addition to being there to photograph Jody and Daniel's wedding, we met up with Charity and Mark for a fun session and tour of Southern Wales. The whole weekend was a blast, and I can't wait to finish work on the images. Here are a few from Charity and Mark, who by the way, are the best tour guides in Wales! Also, Mark knows where the best ice cream can be found, so that makes him a star in my book :)

A Roman Goddess and her guy ;)

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