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Saturday, December 27

Bournemouth Winter Wedding at the Miramar Hotel, Jenny and Darren

The first of our December weddings from this year (2008!).

Both the ceremony and reception were at the Miramar Hotel in Bournemouth, there was a festive Christmas theme with candles which worked really well with the colours Jenny and Darren had chosen.

Normally the weather is the weather and everyone has a great time no matter, winter weddings are often dry but this was a warm day as well as having a blue sky in December, perfect! :)

Morning was spent with Teri going over to visit with the bridal party at Salon 1336 in Parkstone while I met up with the guys at the hotel.

We knew Jenny and Darren definitely wanted to use the beach for some of the wedding images so we all jumped into the wedding car directly after the ceremony. Daylight is always at a premium for winter weddings so we didn't spent long at the beach just enough to get some cool pics then back to the hotel to warm up.

Music was a large part of the day, Jenny herself plays in a Dorset based string quartet Bravado String Quartet and 3 members of her quartet (plus a stand in!) played throughout the wedding day. The musical theme went right through to Jenny's dads band playing at the reception, we loved the live music and the fact that everyone playing was a friend of Jenny and Darrens made it even more special.

Quick shout also to Alex and Paula the videographers at Jenny and Darren's Miramar Beach Wedding in Bournemouth, they were a pleasure to work with Wedding Videographers in Bournemouth :)

Bridal Preparation Wedding

Bridesmaid Hair Feathers

Wedding Veil Bride

Bridal Veil

Miramar Wedding Bournemouth

Bestman Wedding Ring

Miramar Wedding Ceremony

Wedding Bournemouth Miramar

Beach Wedding Bournemouth Bride Image

Groom on Beach Wedding

Wedding Bournemouth Beach

Bournemouth Beach Wedding Image

Romantic Beach Wedding Dorset

Mirmar Wedding Breakfast Room

Mirmar Wedding Breakfast Room

Wedding Breakfast Bournemouth

Fun Bridesmaid Image

Wedding Guest Fun Miramar

First Dance Wedding Bournemouth

Friday, December 19

Portland Castle Dorset Medieval Wedding Mel and Lee

We wanted to go back and blog a few more weddings from this summer, it's been an amazing year and we'd like to thank all our couples for letting us be part of their wedding days, it is special to us and a privilege, thank you :)

Mel and Lee's Wedding at Portland Castle in Dorset was the most unusual 2008 wedding and one of the most fun and relaxed, both Teri and I dressed in medieval costume for the occasion (I'm sure we would have felt out of place if we hadn't!).

Mel's medieval wedding dress was custom made by The Costume Company who also supplied Lee's suit of armour and the majority of the wedding guests costumes, they did a great job and the craftmanship on all the costumes was top notch.

Everyone looked amazing and really entered into the spirit of the day, Portland Castle was perfect as a Medieval Wedding venue. Built in 1539 by Henry VIII to defend the harbour against possible French and Spanish invasion, it's later history includes Civil war sieges and use a prison by Oliver Cromwell.

Fire Engine Wedding Car

Grooms Wedding Car

Bride arriving Portland Castle Dorset

Mel arrival Portland Castle

Portland Castle Wedding Ceremony

Dorset Costume Wedding

Wedding in Medieval Costume

Wedding Medieval Costumes

Medieval Wedding First Kiss

Costume Registry Signing Portland

Medieval Armour Wedding

Portland Castle Dorset Medieval Wedding

Leather Bridal Bouquet

Mel Bridal Party Image

Portland Castle Canon Group Image

Medieval Bridal Portrait

Dorset Costumes Portland Castle

Candle Light Wedding Image

Medieval First Dance
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