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Friday, February 20

Teri Gets Her 'L'!

Teri is now a Qualified Master Photographer as recognised by the Master Photographers Association. This achievement recognises Teri's ability to photograph weddings to an established level of skill and competence.

The Licentiate (LMPA) Wedding category award is gained by submitting a panel of images from recent weddings. The panel is then judged by respected members of the MPA and if of sufficiently high quality the award is given.

The gestation period on Teri's wedding panel was longer than most applicants, Teri first joined the MPA in 2006 but held off submitting her qualifying panel until this years Focus on Imaging. This patient approach reflects more than anything Teri's overriding passion to present only the very best work of which she is capable. Kudos to her for taking the plunge and putting up her images to be judged. I don't think the verdict was ever in doubt but me believing her panel is award worthy and her gaining the award itself are worlds apart!

It's not often I get the chance to write about Teri's work so I will take this opportunity to say what it is I find special about her images. I count myself as good with people (I'd be in the wrong job if it was otherwise!) having said that I count Teri as amazing with people. She has a rare ability to instantly connect with wedding guests, family of the couple and the wedding couple themselves that is very special and I would say pretty unique, it always shows in her images and I am very lucky to work with her.

Sandwiched somewhere between the details of the day, the story telling of the getting ready, the wedding ceremony, the formal group images, the cool portraits of the newlyweds, the evening reception and first dance are the relaxed intimate portraits of the couples family and close friends. It's this last type of image that are often overlooked in a lot of the wedding coverage we have seen and it is those very images that become more and more special over time. Beautiful informal portraits of the people that really matter, not just because they were there on the day of the wedding, they are valued as images in their own right and become treasured pictures of loved ones.

A small selection of Teri's successful panel below :)

Italy Wedding Informal

Wedding in Italy with Music

Italian Wedding Bride

Italy Wedding Informal

Flower Girl Wedding

Highcliffe Castle Dorset Wedding

Bridesmaid Angel Wedding Image

Beach Wedding Highcliffe Castle
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