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Sunday, May 24

Kingston Country Barn Wedding in Dorset, Emily and Dean

Emily and Dean's wedding took place at the Kingston Country Courtyard Barn, nestled in the Dorset countryside overlooking Corfe Castle. It was our first wedding at the old Barn and we loved the relaxed atmosphere, the whole setting worked really well as a wedding venue. Wedding guests accommodation was within Kingston Country Courtyard which means the whole place was taken over with family and friends of Emily and Dean.

Beautiful wedding flowers provided by Dorset florists
The amazing chocolate wedding cake was provided by our favourite wedding cake lady Lisa Notley, she does amazing work and totally recommended
Kingston Country Courtyard is a great venue for Dorset weddings and run by two amazing people, Bobbie and Tim, visit the website :)

Sometimes there's time in the evening for a quick walk out and about and with the amazing sunset we totally knew we had to take advantage!

Thank you guys for letting Teri and I be part of your day, many congratulations!! :)

Check out their wedding gallery on our public facebook page Emily and Dean Married!

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If you're in early stages of wedding planning and would like some beautiful and unique wedding inspiration check our newly updated website at Murakami Photography :)
Much Love,
T&D Xx

Tuesday, May 19

Pre Wedding Photography Corfe Castle, Ruth and Ian

Ruth and Ian's pre wedding photography session started at Corfe Castle in Dorset, it's a beautiful area for photos. Hard to resist using the castle itself as it's such a neat structure with lots of interesting ruins. Ruth and Ian had never been around the castle so it was good fun to use somewhere for the engagement images they had not visited.

The second location we went out into the countryside toward Lulworth Cove, unusual weather conditions made for some different images, one minute it was bright sun the next we were in thick fog!

Looking forward to seeing you both again in Kent for the wedding this June! :)

Check out their gallery on our public facebook page Ruth and Ian Engagement and leave a comment :)

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Sunday, May 17

The Repercussion Band Shoot, Dorset

Something slightly different!

We love photographing weddings in and around Dorset, Hampshire and the New Forest. Dan and Becky, of our wedding couples from last year asked if we would photograph their band, we thought it would be something a little different, it turned out to be very different..

Dan knows a local farmer and he was happy for us to photograph around his farm, farmer Alan and we came to know him was slightly bemused about us going into the cow field but not as bemused as the cows!

Teri sustained a cow related clothing incident but all in all everyone enjoyed the experience :)

Check out the bands music via their website The Repercussion

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Saturday, May 16

Bournemouth Church Wedding Reception at Royal Bath Hotel, Sherri-Louise and Geoff

Sherri-Louise and Geoffs Bournemouth Wedding with reception at the beautiful Royal Bath Hotel above Bournemouth Beach was a pleasure to photograph. The ceremony took place at a church just around the corner from Sherri-Louises parents house at Moordown St Johns, the church there has the most amazing light coming in from a large ornate window at the back of the church.

We knew Sherri-Louise and Geoff wanted to use Bournemouth Beach for the wedding photos so not long after arriving at the hotel we nipped down to the beach for the romantic alone shots.

Teri and I love photographing weddings at the Royal Bath Hotel, the hotel has very high ceilings in the classic style of a grand Victorian hotel. We made use of the entrance hall with it's central chandelier for some cool inside shots before the couple went in for the evening reception in the grand ballroom.

Congratulations!! :)

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