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Monday, October 25

Vintage Inspired Barn Wedding Reception

The long awaited Part II (read Part I first Highcliffe Castle Wedding Ceremony) :)

Laura and Dave's wedding day continued at the barn wedding reception location of The Three Tuns but not before a small detour to a pumpkin patch, yep somewhat random but totally in keeping with Laura and Dave and their slightly quirky nature (which we love by the way!).

On arrival at the reception guests (and us!) were WOW'd by the shear amount of beautiful rustic and vintage inspired details Laura and Dave had created. I know it was many evenings and weekends and over the course of a years and it paid off in style! Not only did all the many details fit amazingly well with the venue they brought a smile to guests faces and helped continue the mood for the rest of the day. Relaxed, fun, personal, warm are all adjectives that fit with Laura and Dave's day, totally enjoyable for them, their families and guests (and us!).

Thank you guys for inviting Teri and I to be part of your day and wish you both an amazing future together! :)

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Neat to have a desserts table but even better when everything is made by friends and family, the kind of personal touch that brings family and friends together (it looked great and tasted even better!)
Rustic Wedding Photos

Vintage Wedding Photos

Dave hand made the vintage style dresser specially for the wedding, totally amazing
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Wedding Vintage Details Photos

Stunning Vintage Wedding Details

Shabby Chic Wedding

When Teri saw the cowboy hats hanging up there had to be a photo!
Cowboy Hats Photos

Beautiful natural light within the rustic barn, a great wedding party and a definite vintage treatment to the processing from Teri
Beautiful Vintage Wedding

Laura's wild flower bouquet and complimentary table centers were a perfect touch
Beautiful Wild Flowers Wedding Bouquets

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Beautiful Flower Girl Dress

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Sunday, October 10

Highcliffe Castle Wedding of Laura and Dave

Laura and Dave's October wedding was a brilliant day, the kind of perfect wedding day we want for all couples, relaxed, fun, enjoyable, unhurried, memorable, beautiful, the list goes on! The wedding ceremony itself took place in one of our favourite local Dorset wedding ceremony venues Highcliffe Castle, always a pleasure to photograph with Highcliffe Castle's wonderful double height windows no matter the weather outside. The wedding fun continued with the reception at a little known (well to us at least!) reception venue of The Three Tuns at Bransgore. The reception was a short drive away and truly a hidden gem, The Three Tuns don't advertise and you could easily drive past without noticing, once inside the venue though it's a perfect place for a relaxed and enjoyable day.

One of the joys Teri and I have of wedding photography is meeting new people, getting to know them, being taken in as new friends who will share their wedding day is something very special and getting to know Laura and Dave was no exception.

When we first met with Laura and Dave their energy and enthusiasm for their upcoming wedding was obvious and without knowing any further details we already knew it was going to be a wonderful wedding day.

Unusually we are going to split Laura and Dave's wedding blog entry into two posts, mostly due to the large number of images (Teri always has a hard time making a selection and in this case there are so many details we wanted to share I had to agree!).

Without further ado, welcome to Laura and Dave's wedding images, many congratulations guys, you definitely rocked it! ;)

** Update ** Part II online! Vintage Barn Wedding Reception :)

Yellow Buttonholes Wedding Flowers

White Roses Wedding Buttonholes Flowers

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Not many brides take a night course in floristry but I think it totally paid off, the wildflower bouquet, in fact all the wedding flowers were simply amazing.

Wildflower Wedding Bouquet

Reportage Wedding Photos

Stunning Bridal Wedding Photography

White Flower Girl Dresses

Vw Camper Wedding Transport

What a great use of a bold colour choice for the bridesmaids yellow dresses, being October you could have expected a slightly dull and chilly day and the yellow really brightened up the day (it really was like a warm day in late summer as it happens!)

Yellow Bridesmaids Dresses

Bride Arriving At Wedding

Processional Wedding At Highclife Castle

Highcliffe Castle Wedding Ceremony

Highcliffe Wedding Ceremony

Highcliffe Castle Wedding

Having both Teri and I photograph unobtrusively during the ceremony gives a real dual perspective and Highcliffe Castle really benefits from images taken from the back. You can just make Teri out discreetly hidden behind the flowers at the front :)

Wedding At Highcliffe Castle

Civil Wedding Ceremony Venues

Dorset Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography Dorset

Wedding Ceremony

Stunning Wedding Venues Ceremony

One of the traditional 'must have' shots of the wedding, always makes a fun photograph for us to capture the guests enjoying the day :)

Fun Wedding Photographs

Highcliffe Castle Wedding Venue

Wedding At Highcliffe Castle Dorset

Highcliffe has a number of rules to which couples must adhere, no traditional throwing of the confetti. In any case, bubbles are way more interesting to look at!

Cute Flowergirls Dresses

Bright Yellow Bridesmaids Dresses

Fun Wedding Photos

White Flowergirl Dresses

Tradional Wedding Photography Dorset

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Blue Grooms Suit

Now when we photographed Laura and Dave's wedding everyone (including us!) LOVED Laura's ensemble, the lace bolero really worked, we could not have guessed at the time Kate Middleton dress designers would take inspiration from Laura's attire. No I am not writing with pre-cognisance, I have back dated this post so we catch up with some of our 2010 weddings :)

Kate Middleton Wedding Dress

Wedding Photos Highcliffe Castle

With a quick snuzzle they were off, not straight to the reception, no, there was a stop we had to make on the way, you'll have to wait till part two to see where, I will just say, it's October, not far from All Hallows' Eve ;)

Romantic Wedding Photos
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