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Sunday, October 30

Blogging Hiatus; Mind The Gap :)

Hi Faithful Readers and Web Surfers of All Persuasions,

Up to this point we have been duplicating entries on the blog and facebook, recently we are finding clients and potential clients love the facebook format (over 800 'likes' of Murakami Facebook Page at time of writing!). Initially we were unconvinced by facebook and indeed it's not perfect but it does allow a lot of interaction and client feedback which is so important to what we do. We've also been reviewed recently online at Murakami Photography Reviews :)

Reports of the blogs death are greatly exaggerated and we will be back! In the meantime browse some of the 50+ weddings and pre-wedding sessions on the blog, the drop down menu at the top of this page provides easy access to some of the most recent. Then head on over to public facebook albums (60+ albums and counting!) - we very much welcome your comments!

You don't need a facebook account to visit you are very welcome to view new images and our latest news via facebook :)

As always, if you're getting married and love photography we'd love to hear from you, we can be contacted by phone on 01202 519659 or email us (Teri and David!) at

Much Love
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