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Thursday, May 17

Jody and Daniel, Part 3, The Beach!

We finally got to have the day at the beach with Jody and Daniel. The weather was perfect, and the beach was deserted!

Jody and Daniel Engagement Session Part 2

After the excitement of the mini skatepark with the gorgeous graffiti wall, we decided to head somewhere that was the total opposite of the urban scene. So where else, but out to Hardy's Country. The bluebells were just at full bloom, something we had checked for the previous week :) So the timing couldn't have been more perfect.

After we left the bluebell wood, we were heading over to Kimmeridge, for the last part of the day's photoshoot. We saved the beach shoot for last, in order to take advantage of the warm light that happens just about an hour or so before the sunsets. We were all really excited to get these sunset images! I have to commend Jody and Daniel for their boundless energy!

However, on the motorway, we ran into car problems, and had to postpone the beach part of the shoot, until the next weekend. We did the beach shoot on this past Sunday, and I am thrilled to say that after a week of pouring rain, the Gods were looking out for us, and the day was incredible. Those images to follow!

David and Teri

Jody and Daniel Engagement Session

What fun this session was! Jody and Daniel are our 07/07/07 Bride and Groom. We planned to do this at 3 different locations, a wonderful graffiti wall we had found on an earlier day out scouting, a bluebell wood, and the beach. It was a blast working with these guys, and I can't wait for their wedding :)

We ended up doing the beach shoot a following weekend, due to some unforseen car problems after leaving the Bluebell wood, so I will post these sessions in three parts. Today is the Graffiti wall. We attracted the attention of the skateboard kiddies here, and got them involved with the shoot too. They were so cute, and wanted to know if we were going to put these images in a skateboard magazine, LOL.
David and Teri

Murakami Photography is blogging!

It's taken a while to get around to it, but we have finally set up a blog. So now everyone that has been bugging us to find out what we are up to, can check here first :)

So keep an eye out for new work, old work that we just want to revisit, and ideas for the future of Murakami Photography!

David and Teri

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