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Saturday, April 19

Claire & Darrell Engagement Session

Teri and I are often asked if we can include family members in the engagement sessions we offer, our reply is always YES!

We visited several locations, the last image was taken at Kimmeridge Bay which created just the right backdrop. The roman villa location is actually Upton House between Poole and Wareham, as well as being able to book weddings at Upton Country Park the house and gardens are open to the public and managed by the Poole council.

Claire and Darrell are big Starwars fans (well Darrell more so as when we first met he showed us his lightsabre!) needless to say their engagement session was going to be a lot of fun :)

**Update** Claire and Darrell's wedding images are now online Star Wars Wedding including Clare's Pink Wedding Dress! :)

Family members Mavis and Flo

Yes, it's our homage to the Starwars poster featuring Mavis as Darth Vader and Flo and Mavis together at the bottom as droids! The idea for the image was Teri's but Claire and Darrell were enthusiastic and totally up for creating a fun image, great fun! :)

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