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Sunday, July 11

1950's Vintage Themed Pre Wedding Engagement Session, Valerie and Jamie

Engagement sessions, like wedding photography should be fun and Valerie's and Jamie's pre-wedding session was no exception!

David and I always include an engagement session before the wedding, it's a great way to get to know our couples a little. We get to create beautiful, natural, and creative images for them and that builds a lot of trust as they know they are going to look great in their wedding images. Couples also get to see how we work and get to know us better, on the wedding day they are looking forward to us photographing them rather than worrying about being photographed. It's very much a win-win situation and something we believe is so valuable we do not charge an additional fee for the session :)

We love photographing engagement sessions and were one of the first wedding photographers in the UK to include them with our wedding packages. They are always fun and present a lot of creative options for us to try out new ideas. Thankfully our clients love them too and we often work closely with couples to create a series of images they have envisioned. Wedding photography for us is very much a team effort and we are totally open to ideas, encouraging our clients to be involved in all parts of the photographic process. When everyone gets involved the session really takes off with one idea sparking another, Valerie's and Jamie's session is a perfect example of that process in action.

Valerie's and Jamie's Athelhampton House wedding is this August and for the wedding they are going with an authentic 1950's vintage wedding theme, not fancy dress, real live vintage! We all agreed it would be great fun for the pre-wedding session to go with a very playful 1950's theme. Oh boy, oh boy! As soon as we caught up with Val and Jamie at one of our favorite hang outs and saw the effort they'd put in we knew this was going to a great session!

A huge thank you to Val and Jamie for being such great sports and allowing David and I to be part of the start of something fantastic! We can't wait for the wedding!

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